Our Services

RAM Construction

When you choose RAM Construction, you get more than a builder. You get a professional master builder, a project manager and our network of trades with a proven track record, specialist skills and years of combined experience and expertise in building homes and renovations, providing you with exactly what you want.

People Skills

We bring actual people skills as well as project management and building expertise to the table. We take time to examine your ideas and plans and then we make sure that everything we do, helps you achieve it.


We’re not shy about helping you achieve better results. So we will let you know if something isn’t such a good idea, and offer alternative solutions to assist you through the process of building your dream home.

Budget Control

We are very conscience of budget control and the fact that we are essentially managing someone else’s money throughout the build process. Detailed planning and careful scheduling at the front end is essential in maintaining and tracking the build program as planned. Thereby minimizing any overruns or cost variations to the job.

Project Communication

Throughout the build process we encourage regular progress meetings with you to provide you with real information during the course of the project; up to, and including, practical completion.

Smooth Transition

Handover is an exciting time for both you, the Owner, and us the Builder. This is the final step in the project and we aim to make this a smooth transition from the Builder back to the Owner. A happy and successful outcome for both parties.